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What is HeptaFranc?

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What is HeptaFranc ?

HeptaFranc is a cryptocurrency that aims to become the main trading currency on the marketplace SiXyeS and regulate the value of international trade. Visit for the most reputable trading platform that allows even newcomers to invest without requiring in-depth trading expertise.

The operation of the platform will be governed by a system of rewards, which allows buyers and sellers to obtain HeptaFranc for each of their transactions. The two main virtues of this reward system are a significant volume of exchange and a higher rate of customer loyalty. This is a system of trading, buying and rewarding.

You can follow the blockchain status and all the HPTF transactions on our explorer

Why choosing heptafranc?

Everyday new cryptocurrences are created. What are the projects you can put your trust in?
Why would you choose us? Here are few (among many!) reasons why.


Thanks to the blockchain technology, every money transfer and transaction on the network is crypted and anonymous.


With a strategic coin stock we intend to regulate the coin value to avoid big fluctuation of the HeptaFranc's value that would confuse our users

Bigger volume

The number of coin is high on purpose in order to have relevant amounts when you buy something instead of using only decimals


We have a large network of people willing to help us and give a hand if you need in more than 15 languages.

Transaction fees

HeptaFranc is an independant blockchain, less transactions on the network means less fees.

Fast mining

We configured the mining in order for it to be short. In this way we plan to make a proof of stack on our 5th year!

Our Team

We are six people who each had his own business before we met. When the idea of the HeptaFranc came out, we decided to become associates to create SiXyeS and the coin.



Matthieu GEISS

Matthieu GEISS

Frédérique HUE

Frédérique HUE

Frédérique HUE


Frédérique HUE


Frédérique HUE



White paper

It took us a long time to shape our project and every detail of it. After more than one year of hardwork and thinking we are finally launching it.

Discover our project and what have planned for you guys in the future.

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Where to buy HeptaFranc?

You're interested in using our coin and would like to buy some? Here is how.

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You can buy HeptaFranc on the renown trading platform Folgory. There, you will be able to buy and also trade your HeptaFranc if you want with other currencies (EUR, BTC, ETH and USDC). You can buy shares online through online brokers where some of which, like eToro, are completely regulated and licensed. You may consider buying stocks online after visiting to find out which stock brokers are available online and to learn which are the best and most reliable online stock brokers through which you can make your purchase.

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How to mine HeptaFranc?

Like every cryptocurrency you can mine the HeptaFranc.

We made a mining pool for the coin top everyone who would like to mine and help us.

Each block is worth 307 coins, and we retribute 95% (291.65) of it among the miners.
The percentage will be regularly reviewed according to the exchange rate of the HPTF.

Check our mining pool

Where to trade HeptaFranc?

You mined some HeptaFranc and wish to trade them on the cryptocurrencies' markets?

We are currently listed on these 2 following platforms

If you want to trade your coins, you can register on either of them and trade in BTC, ETH, USDC, EUR and RUB


We already made a lot, yet we still have a lot to do!

Creation of the HeptaFranc
White paper
Entering folgory platform